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If you have made an observation of an object from inside a light polluted city, you are encouraged to provide the project with it. Adding your observation is fairly simple as there's an observation log template you can use.

Since adding an observation requires you to edit or create an article, you will need to be logged in.


Adding an Observation to an Existing Object Article

You will add your observation to the bottom of the article. From the object's article page, select the "edit" tab, this will open the object for editing. In the edit window, scroll down to the bottom. For more information on editing, see the help article on editing.

At this point it will be easiest to use the Observation log template to enter your observation. Copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the appropriate parameters.

Observation Log Template

{{Observation log

Log Parameter Description

  • observer – your name/login name. It works best if you put your name in the format [[User:username | realname ]] where username is your login id. If you don't want to use your real name, just put your username again in the realname position.
  • location – the city/town you made your observation in
  • date – the date you made the observation. See time and number conventions for date formatting.
  • obs_type – the type of observations made, see observations made for what the letters mean. Delete the letters that don't apply.
  • vis_o – what observations were successful, e.g. if you actually saw the object using the type of observation. This uses the same nomenclature as obs_type, delete the letters that don't apply.
  • bino_t – the type of binoculars used such as "10x50". If you didn't use binoculars put "None".
  • tel_t – the type of telescope used. Put it in [[ ]] which will cause a link to a page about that telescope type. Check the telescope category to see if your 'scope is listed first. Put "None" if no telescope was used.

Adding an Observation for an Object Without an Existing Article

First, make sure you are logged in.

Then check to make sure an article for the object doesn't exist. Check both the canonical list and the not visible category to make sure it's not there. remember that some NGC objects also have Messier numbers and would be listed under that Messier number. Check the Messier-NGC list to be sure. If you are certain that the object isn't listed in the project, you can create the object by typing it's name in the search box an hitting go, check the article on naming conventions before you do this. You will be directed to a page where you can then create the article for the object. See the article on object article style which will tell you how to use the template to do this. See the article on starting a new page for general help on starting a new article.

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