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Observer:{{{observer}}} Location:{{{location}}} Date of observation:{{{date}}} Observations made:{{{obs_type}}}
Visibility: {{{vis_o}}} Binocular type:{{{bino_t}}} Telescope type:{{{tel_t}}}

This template exists to enable the easy addition of an observation to an object article. Note that the object article template includes a copy of this so the first observation of an article doesn't need this template added.

Required Parameters

  • observer - the observer's name/username. The recommended practice is to send the name as a wikilink in the format [[username | realname]] where username is your CDSP login name. Realname is your real name if you wish to provide it, if not just put your username here too.
  • location - the location the observation was made from. The name of the city is adequate.
  • date - The date of the observation in UTC. See the article on time conventions for the appropriate format.
  • obs_type - the observations performed. This is indicated by giving the letters N, B and/or T. See the observations made article for more details on what the letters stand for.
  • vis_o - what you were able to see. This is again indicated by the letters N,B and/or T, or the letter X. Again see the observations made article for details on the letters.
  • bino_t - the type of binoculars used, i.e. 10x50. If no binocular observation was performed, put "None".
  • tel_t - the type of telescope used. Recommended practice is to put the telescope in wikilinks "[[]]". Check the telescopes page to see if your telescope is listed so you can link to it. If not listed feel free to create a page about your telescope. If no telescopic observation was made put "None".


This template is used to add an observation to an object page. See the article on adding an observation for more details.

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