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The purpose of having a fixed style for constellation pages is to provide the end user with a consistent look. This consistent look serves to make it easy for someone to find information on the page as all constellation pages will have particular pieces of information in the same place. This makes the use of the constellation page format mandatory for all constellation pages.

Basic Format

The basic format is to have a constellation information box on the right hand side of the article. To the left of this is some basic information on the constellation such as a description of the constellation, where in the sky it is, it's history, etc. This will be followed by a section that contains a map of the constellation. Following this is a section on which City Deepsky Project objects are located within the boundaries of the constellation.


The best way to start an article about a constellation is to use the constellation template. This will allow you quickly put the information into your constellation article without having to worry about formatting. It also allows for constellation article format changing without massive re-editing of constellation articles.

Using the template

Just cut and paste the following into your article and fill in the various template parameters.


Template parameter description

Here's what you put in each of the above template parameters

  • con_name=The IAU constellation Latin name as listed on the [| IAU website].
  • con_ename=The IAU constellation English name as listed on the [| IAU website].
  • con_abbr=The IAU constellation abbreviation as listed on the [| IAU website].
  • con_gen=The IAU constellation genitive as listed on the [| IAU website].
  • con_hemi=The hemisphere of the celestial sphere the constellation occupies, Northern or Southern. If the constellation is on the celestial equator then use Northern/Southern or Southern/Northern depending on where the majority of the constellation lies.
  • con_season=The season the constellation is in as viewed from the Earth's Northern Hemisphere.
  • con_description=A description of the constellation. Where it is, it's history, etc.
  • con_map=the file name of the map of the constellation. If you don't have one, leave blank.
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