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Sky happenings for the month of August 2015

Note all times and dates in UTC unless otherwise specified.


Lunar Phases

Phase Date (UTC) Time (UTC)
Last Quarter 07 August 2015 02:03
New 14 August 2015 14:53
First Quarter 22 August 2015 19:31
Full 29 August 2015 18:35

Meteor Showers

Perseids - 13 August 2015

Other events

Venus in inferior conjunction - 15 August 2015

Night Sky

Note that this is for Calgary, Alberta on 15 August 2015 at 22:30 MDT. For this date and local time it will be similar for places in the northern hemisphere.
Saturn is now low in the southwest and for the early evening the only planet visible. The summer triangle is now high overhead where the planetary nebulae M27 - the Dumbbell Nebula (in Vulpecula) and M57 - the Ring Nebula (in Lyra) may be found. The globular clusters M56 and M71 are also in this region. The open cluster M29 can be found in Cygnus.

15 Aug 2015 Sky

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